The EMRI Audit is one of the fundamental elements in the creation of the risk managed emergency department. The Program is the result of years of research by The Sullivan Group into the causes of medical errors and adverse outcomes in the practice of emergency medicine.

This is the most powerful audit tool available in emergency medicine. It is clinically oriented and provides an unprecedented look at the individual practitioner, the emergency practitioners as a group, and emergency department systems. TSG has now run the audit in over twenty emergency departments, and has recently contracted to begin audits in over 300 U.S. hospitals.

The EMRI Audit focuses on a wide array of clinical issues that are critical in the management of high-risk cases, including:

  • Are practitioners meeting standards of care?
  • Are practitioners providing risk managed care?
  • Emergency department systems analysis (e.g.)
    • ECGs completed in a timely fashion
    • Pregnancy testing performed in all appropriate cases
    • Repeat of abnormal vital signs before discharge
    • Seconds to minutes emergencies recognized immediately
    • Discrepancies between physician and nursing history
  • Daily event log provides an immediate look at critical risk issues
Total Subscribers: 56,371

The Audit reporting tool is extremely easy to use and share with clinicians. It provides results in graphic form that has been extremely well received by hundreds of emergency physicians.

Following implementation of the tool, TSG has seen striking changes in emergency departments. The number of patients discharged with abnormal vitals signs drops drastically. Risk factor analysis for coronary artery disease, thoracic aortic dissection, pulmonary embolism and many other conditions increases from completely unacceptable compliance to near 100%. Quality of care increases, and practitioners begin to take advantage of diagnostic opportunities.

TSG recommends that the Audit be run within the emergency department quality improvement program in order to keep information confidential and protected from discovery. In addition, we recommend that institutions utilizing the Audit develop policy with regard to input and use of data relative to HIPAA confidentiality requirements.

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